Dummie the Mummy and the Tomb of Akhnetut dl 2

€ 12,99

The second book about Dummie the mummy!

Dummie jumped out of the van with a cry of delight, ran to the pyramid and began to climb it.
“Hey, is that allowed?” Nick cried. “Dummie!”
Dummie turned around, held his arms up in the air and shouted. “Maashi! Ghere it is! My country! My ghome is still ghere! I am back! Ghooray! Darwishi Ur-Atum Msamaki Minkabh Ishaq Eboni is back!”

Dummie couldn’t be more excited. After an exciting journey he is finally back in Egypt to look for the grave of his father, pharaoh Akhnetut. In good spirits he sets out, along with Angus and Nick. But after four thousand years, Egypt has changed entirely and Akhnetut’s grave is nowhere to be found. Then something terrible happens and suddenly Angus and Dummy are in great danger…